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History of Electronic Corporation of Ukraine «UKRELECOR»

November 26, 1991 Electronic industry enterprises of Ukraine established the Electronic Corporation of Ukraine «UKRELECOR». The founders of the Corporation were 73 plants, research institutes and design departments. More than 260 thousand people worked at electronics enterprises in Ukraine. Enterprises provides an extensive line of electronic products: integrated circuits, diodes, transistors, capacitors, resistors, kinescopes, sockets and connectors, small transformers, lasers, ferrites and a huge range of consumer goods.

After the events of 1991, electronics industry enterprises were abandoned by the State, the investment has completely stopped. State order for the products of the electronics industry has stopped too. Perennial cooperative relations with enterprises of neighboring states were severed. The financial situation of electronics enterprises of Ukraine became catastrophic. Banks completely stopped lending. The factories stopped paying wages, people began to quit.

In this situation, the executive management has taken all possible measures to save the cooperation with factories of neighboring states. Supplies of materials and electronic products were partially restored. First of all, were restored the supplies of materials containing precious metals and other materials that are not produced in Ukraine. Corporation initiated the development of state programs to restore the electronics industry and instrument making of Ukraine. The last of these programs was approved by the Supreme Council of Ukraine in 1998, but the president, unfortunately, has not signed it.

Since foundation date passed 30 years. Currently Electronic Corporation of Ukraine «UKRELECOR» is a commercial organization which imports and supplies products of industrial and technical use. We constantly expand our business relations and product range.

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